Houston Full Service Painting

AP Builders employees a full paint crew as an in house service this ensures excellent quality control and consistency to our finishing details.

Any paint contractor can perform a good paint job but what separates a great paint job is the proper preparation of the jobsite to protect already finished areas from overspray or paint splatter and the proper painting techniques, which include using the right type of primer and caulking before paint is even applied. Also, selecting the right paint for the job and using the right additives to make the paint appear smooth and reduce the appearance of brush strokes is crucial to a HIGH QUALITY finish.

Paint is one of the last details to any project and so leave it in the hands of our seasoned employees to make sure it is done right every time.


Our Houston Painting Service Provides:

Exterior and Interior full service painting, Safe lead paint removal, HVLP Spray application.

We Provide Painting in The Following Areas

Houston, TX | Katy, TX | Woodlands, TX | Galveston, TX | West Universtiy Remodeling | River Oaks Remodeling | Bellaire Remodeling | Midtown Remodeling | Montrose Remodeling | Galveston