Every remodel is unique based on the scope of work and the many other factors surrounding the project but there is a general path through the experience that AP Builders follows to best streamline and complete the process.

Step 1: The Introduction/Overview

The initial meeting focuses on the vision desired by the Homeowner. We take detailed notes and make any suggestions to help with the brainstorming phase. The Homeowner will be provided with a sample estimate, copy of the contractor agreement form as well a copy of our general liability insurance policy.

*Initial meeting includes: Scope of work overview, Needs/Wants for the remodel, Design Questionaire, Budget parameters, Rough measurements.

NOTE: On smaller projects an estimate can be worked up after the intial meeting and will be submitted to the homeowner shortly after the first meeting.

Step 2: Design

Based on the size and complexity of the project, design will usually include one of the recommended architects that AP Builders regularly partners with or a client chosen architect/designer.

*Design includes two phases: Schematic design and Finalized design (Construction documents).

Step 3: Schematic Design (If necessary)

Schematic design is for large scale jobs and is primarily focused on the overall big picture of the remodel. By the end of schematic design our goals are to provde the Homeowner with (3) new floor plan layouts that meet their Needs/Wants list and have a 3-D computer model for the floor plan of their choosing.

Step 4: Estimating

After schematic design is finished and the Homeowner has refined the floor layout with the Architect an estimate will then be worked up based on the scope of work. The estimating process usually involves 2-3 meetings to refine the estimate and accomadate the Homeowners budget.

Step 5: Finalized Design

This phase includes all neccesary documents for the permitting proccess. Any needed changes can be made before plans are submitted to the city for plan review.

Step 6: Contracts and Final estimate

A final estimate will be created based on any revisions that were made during construction documents and then the Contractor Agreement and Draw Schedule will be signed by the Contractor and Homeowner.

Step 7: Start of Construction

The house will be prepared for construction, which includes covering floors, moving furniture and protecting anything that could possibly be damaged during the remodel. Schedules of how the job will progress will be handed out to the Homeowner and all Subcontractors. Most of the finishing details will be signed off on and all items with long lead times will be ordered.

Step 8: Construction

Construction will progress according to the schedule as best as possible. All remaining finish details will be signed off and present on the jobsite.

Step 9: Close out

Upon completion of the remodel, the Homeowner will be given a Final Punchlist sheet to fill out and all remaining items are to be completed in a timely manner.

Step 10: Happy Client!

This is our number one goal at AP Builders and we want you as the homeowner to be happy and enjoy the new space for years to come!